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The testimonials on this page are unedited and are soley the opinion of the author. 


Dear Billy,

 Thank you for the great service you have provided so many of my clients. Knowing there is an expert in the field of depreciation

that cares about the consumer has helped level the playing field and allowed innocent folks to not become victims of insurance

company fraud. I thank you for your excellent & honest service.


Jason E. Taylor

The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor, PC

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Hickory, NC 28603

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                                                                                                     July 14, 2015 
Dear Billy,


I just got a check yesterday finally for the Diminished Value claim on my 2012 Rav4.  State Farm did not argue or negotiate...they wrote a check for the full amount  $2500!  I really appreciated you guiding me through the process and looking out for my interest.  The shop you referred us to, K&B Paint and body did a good job, and when you found a few minor, nonstructural issues on inspection, they quickly corrected them.  I would have not had the experience or eye to see the cosmetic flaws, and that the actual structural repairs were done well. 


Fast forward 3 months....we are back again with a total loss on another vehicle, the 2001 Accord.  Was it worth having it towed from SC to NC to you?  YES!  Thanks for your honest evaluation and your guidance on how to deal with an overwhelming situation.  We were blessed our son was not injured.  I appreciate you being patient with the many questions, texts and requests for info that I sent your way.  Until I had to experience dealing with insurance companies, tow companies, and AAA, I had no clue how to negotiate with them, no clue as to what the laws and "protocols" were. 


We are hoping we are through this season of "car issues"!  If we ever had another incident, I would not hesitate to drive from SC to NC, and have my vehicle inspected by you.  Thanks for your assistance.



Karen Foreman

Columbia, SC



A few months ago, I purchased a 2012 GMC Acadia Denali. After less than six weeks of ownership I was in a motor vehicle accident where

my car was struck in the rear quarter panel of the passenger side door. It was a scary ordeal and thankfully no one was severely injured.

However, my car door was smashed in the airbags deployed, and I could tell that my brand "new to me" car had suffered some major damage

After a few days of determining whether or not the otherdriver was insured during the time of the accident, it was decided that my insurer,

NC Farm Bureau, would have to cover the cost of repairs. I located a shop andhad the car towed there. Within a week, I was contacted

by the body shop owner and my adjuster. They estimated my car's value to be worth around $34,000 and the initial repair estimate to be

close to $16,000. I was told the majority of the expenses were attributed to replacing the air bags and it would take about a month to fix.

Fast forward four weeks, my car was still in the shop, partially repaired, and my 30 day coverage for a rental vehicle through my insurance

had lapsed.

 I was beginning to get little restless to say the least. I contacted the body shop and was told they added another $5000-$7000 in supplemental

repair expenses.Alarmed at this, I contacted NC Farm Bureau to inform them that the car was in mid repair and the repair costs had increased

by nearly a third. I expressed concern that the car would need to be in the shop for an additional four weeks and that the repair costs were nearing

the point of the car being totaled. I was told not to worry about the costs that I could take the check they sent me for the initial $16,000 and pick

up my car when it was fixed and they would handle the remaining expenses later. 

Not being satisfied with the insurance company's response, I began to fret and stress over the idea of driving a vehicle that had been in a major

accident with repair costs only being a couple thousand dollars shy of what I initially paid for the car and wondering how the insurance company

could be so nonchalant in caring about whether or not the car was being repaired in a timely and ethnical manner. I spent days on the internet

reading forums about lowballed repair invoices and botched body shop repairs and finally saw some information regarding 3rd party appraisers.

 After researching reviews for the most credible appraisers, I came across the webpage for Collision Safety Consultants and the Pack Brothers.

They offered a free post repair inspection. I called them at 9pm one evening and received a call from Billy first thing the following morning.

I shared my story and Billy was highly enthusiastic about inspecting my car. He told me I had nothing to lose if the repairs were done right.

If that was the case, he'd let me know an I would have a free inspection. I would only have to pay their fees if the repairs were done incorrectly

and they could get the car totaled. He felt 75% sure over the phone, based on my story alone, that something was up and the car may have

been totaled. My car stayed in the shop another 2 weeks. Billy walked me step by step through what to say in emails and how to communicate

with the body shop to get the invoices and supplemental estimate records that I needed to acquire. Once I started to inquire  about the repairs I

was told my car was not worth $34,000, but over $36,000. Billy helped me get that in writing from the insurance company. I went to pick up my

 car nearly 9 weeks after the accident and Billy had me drive it straight to him. When I arrived I was greeted the best group of car enthusiasts

I had every met. Billy and the Pack Brothers were all over my car like ants to a sugar cube, inspecting it inch by inch. They offered to place

me in a rental car to get me home and assured me they'd do their best to make sure my car was fixed right. Before I made it half way home,

they called and said the floor of my car had major damage and should have been replaced…the vehicle was totaled.

They completed the inspection, took several photographs, and sent their findings to my insurance. In less than a week,

NC Farm Bureau agreed to total my car and write me a check for $33,000.

 I found the email Billy instructed me to save, stating that my car was worth over $36,000 and they honored that amount.

Not only did they pay that amount, they also paid taxes and fees, and covered the appraisal fee Billy and the Pack Brothers were due.

I got an additional $3000 by saving that email and following Billy's lead. On top of all that, Billy helped me find a new car

(better than the one that was totaled) for a great deal and had it driven to my doorstep and dropped off! Billy hand held me through the

whole process. He maintained contact with me throughout Christmas and New Years. He was always prompt to return a call or email

within minutes. He even emailed while he was on vacation. These guys know what their doing and me and my family will forever

be grateful to them for putting my family's safety first! 

 Highest Regards,

 Zakia A. Nesbitt, LPC


                                                                               January 14, 2015

 Dear Billy,

We have had such great feedback on your services and expertise from our clients. You have battled for them

when the insurance companies have not done their proper job. All the testimonials in your web site are right on the dot.

We refer any client that we think has issues of diminished value to you and you always succeed.

 Sincerely yours,

 David and Associates, P.L.L.C

 G. Phillip David

Attorneys at Law                    __________________________________________________________________________________


I have to thank you for helping me out during a very difficult time in my life. My mother had just passed and the

family was starting to make plans for her funeral service. My nephew, who is in the military, is stationed in GA.

 Since he is currently deployed, his wife decided to bring their 3 children to PA to share in the remembrance of

her life.

Knowing she had a rather long drive ahead of her and not wanting to experience any problems, she took their

new vehicle to get serviced including an oil change. The dealer returned her vehicle without tightening the drain

plug. Seeing the oil dripping in the driveway, she called the dealer. They sent a tow truck to retrieve her vehicle.

Somewhere along the way of returning the vehicle to her, a tow cable broke whiplashing the cable into the rear

hatch and side of their vehicle. She called me in a panic. She knew something had to be done quickly as she

was leaving the next day. She could not wait for anyone to look at her vehicle to determine who was at fault or

who was going to pay to fix the damage.

 Unfamiliar with any repair shops located near their home, I placed a call to you at Collision Safety Consultants

for any help you could offer or any recommendations you could give me. Dealing with all the funeral arrangements,

I had little time to deal with another crisis. You offered some suggestions and then told me to just have my niece

contact you and you would help her get another vehicle to make the 13 hour long drive to PA.

 The following morning she tried to settle this herself without any luck. She was getting the run around from the

dealer who caused this whole mess. Then she called you and got some expert advice from “Uncle Billy.” I don’t

know what you told her or who you talked to but the next thing I know is she is calling me telling me that she is on

 her way here in a new minivan capable of safely hauling the kids and her. And that it was provided for as long as

she would need it.

Billy, you helped me and the family out when we really needed it. For that I am eternally grateful.

 Thank you again,

 Rick Dotterer

Dotterer Auto Body

Royersford, PA  19468


Hey Billy,
I wanted to give you an update on a case we talked about possibly going to trial, but that just went to

 court-ordered arbitration in Mecklenburg County. If you recall, back in 2012 you appraised a 2002

Mazda Miata limited edition. You gave a depreciation value of $3,000. The insurance company gave

 a value of 382.75 and would not agree to negotiate. Arbitration went very well for us and we ended

up settling the case for $3,800.00. The settlement included about $550 for unpaid rental and the cost

of filing the lawsuit, but even so, the DIV comes in right around your value...and almost 10x the

amount of money offered by the insurance company at the start!

Thanks for your assistance. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Ryan Valente
Attorney at Law
Law Offices of Michael J. Bednarik



Shortly after somebody ran into the back of our car, I thought of an old friend and fraternity brother   in the collision business. 

Billy Walkowiak of Collision Safety Consultants got a phone call from us a few days later.  I knew vaguely of what he did,

but was not familiar with the industry or possibilities that exist after you are involved in an accident.  I just thought you get in

an accident, the insurance company fixes the car, done deal.  Billy informed me there can be much more to it.

Billy said, let the body shop fix the car and then bring it to him to inspect and file for a diminished value claim.  I had no prior

knowledge of  that type of claim.  Billy evaluates the repairs, and even if done properly, helps you collect a check from the

insurance company to compensate you for the diminished value.  You know, the cheaper price you will get when you attempt

to trade in your car and they see that it has been in an accident.  This is something most people don't think about, they just get

blindsided several years later when selling their car.

So, we brought the car to Billy at K&M Collision  for inspection.  Ten minutes after the car was on the lift, he called us out to the

shop floor to have a look at the repairs.  The exterior of the car looked normal.  However, the removal of a few panels revealed

that the car had been fixed improperly.  Not only improperly, but unsafe to drive.  We were shocked to see how the frame

had been cut and welded back inseveral places.  Because of the crumple zones built into the car, this can render the airbags

useless.  These are things you would not be able to see for yourself unless you knew what to look for.

Immediately, Billy called the insurance company, deemed the car unsafe to drive, and put us in a rental car.  It did not pass his

"would I put my wife in this car test".  The insurance inspector then met Bill the next day to see the repairs.  The inspector agree

with Bill and apologized for the poor repairs.  The insurance company totaled the car and sent us a check for a new one. 

This cost us nothing, Billy's fee was paid by the insurance company.

Long story short, I thought I went to Billy to help me with a diminished value clam and ended up with a new car.  The most

important thing is that I would never have known the car was unsafe to drive unless he had a chance to check it out.

It is well worth your time and safety to call Collision Safety Consultants after any accident.

D. Cox


I can't thank Billy Walkowiak enough for the tremendous service he did for myself & my entire family.

Our brand new 2014 Nissan Rogue was driven through a storefront by a visiting relative during the

 FIRST week we had the car. The car had about 400 miles on it. We took it to a "trusted" repair shop

that was approved by USAA, our insurance company for the past 24 years. This was our first claim in

 all that time. The car needed $15,000 in repair BEFORE they started to take it apart to see what was

 under all that bent metal and broken glass! Curiously the repair costs never increased as they typical

do and we were assured over and again all was fine and the car didn't need to be totaled as it

remained JUST below the 75% NC repair costs threshold. 5 long weeks later, owning the car 6 weeks

 now, we picked up the "just like new car" but felt something wasn't right about the whole deal as there

 was never an advocate involved to protect us,we always assumed our insurance company would

protect us right? Well, No they didn't!

 We found Billy CSC Walkowiak and he became our advocate and things changed fast! After only a

cursory examination of the car he found numerous flaws and incomplete or inadequate repairs that

added to previous costs went far beyond the 75% threshold to have the car totaled. Billy also made

sure I was given the correct Market Value for my Rogue so I avoided being "upside down" on the loan

and after my claim went through I paid the loan back in full. 

Thanks to Billy we are now driving an actually "New 2014 Rogue" instead of a poorly repaired One

which would have been next to worthless had we ever tried to resell or trade it in. 

Rob Williams



Hey Billy,

Thanks for reminding me to do the testimonial for you. Here it is, below. Hope this is something you

can use: When another driver totaled my car recently, I was intimidated by all the hoops and loops

of dealing with an insurance company after an accident — they are super-complex and hard to


I wasn’t sure the insurance company would pay me enough to get back what I had. But I had an ace

 in the hole with Collision Safety Consultants helping me understand the best ways to handle my


Billy Walkowiak and the team at Collision Safety Consultants were amazing advocates in helping me

navigate my claim. Their experience and deep knowledge of how insurance companies operate was

 invaluable. They were able to predict every move the claims adjusters made and help me be

prepared to counter it. With their help, I was able to ask the right questions and insist on the

proper actions the get them to restore me to the full value of what I had before the accident.

Although my insurance company, Nationwide, was pursuing payment from the insurer of the driver

at fault in my accident, Billy Walkowiak helped me understand how to make sure they advocated for

 the best possible result for me. He helped me understand the ins and outs of

diminished value, salvage value, and total loss.  He even knew how to manage ensuring the

continued safety of my car if the insurance company authorized used parts in the repair.

In the end, I came out the winner because I had Collision Safety Consultants on my side.

I may have insurance to protect me in some ways, but I have Collision Safety Consultants to

protect me and make sure the outcome was definitely in my favor. I’ll never go through this

 without them again!

Mike Pollard
Winston-Salem, NC




I just wanted to thank Billy Walkowiak for his assistance in obtaining a diminished value settlement

for damage to my vehicle (2013 Ford Taurus) from a recent accident.  My car had less than 3,000

miles on it when it was struck by an out of control commercial vehicle at no fault of my own,

resulting in over $15,000 in repairs.  This quickly became a complicated situation as it took several

weeks for the company that owned the vehicle at fault to even accept liability.  Once I was past that

 hurdle, I relied on Collision Safety Consultants to help me recover the diminished value that I lost

 due to the accident.

 I can say that it was evident from first contact that I had chosen the right company to assist me

with this action.  I sent an e-mail request on a Saturday and within just a few minutes received

 a reply from Billy.  Just as the other testimonials show, he took care of everything and walked

me completely through the process.  Once he contacted the at fault company, they initially offered

$4600 for the diminished value to my vehicle after another independent assessment. 

Needless to say, this was not even in the ball park to meet my expectations. 

 Billy then went to work negotiating with the company's insurance company.  Within a week,

he was able to get them to increase their offer to $8000.00, almost twice the original amount. 

I could not have been more pleased with the result, or that the entire process was settled within

 just a few weeks.

I would strongly recommend Billy and the entire Collision Safety Consultant team to anyone in a

 similar predicament.  You will absolutely not be disappointed with their professionalism,

experience or support - it is top notch!

 Thank you again,

 Marty Todd

Kannapolis, NC



Dear Billy,

I'd like to thank you again for helping me with my diminished value claim. I just deposited the $2,000

check from the other driver's insurance and I could not have gotten it without your help. Your

thorough report and timely filing of it maximized my settlement for the accident.


I tried to get the other driver's insurance -Allstate- to agree up front that there would be diminished

 value and to offer me a reasonable settlement for it without using a third party appraiser. They refused. Without you, I would have gotten zero.

The real issue here is that there is no doubt $9,000 of damage to a $20,000 truck would certainly result

 in some diminished value. I was disappointed that they could not agree to more than the $2000, but as

I said I would not have gotten that without your assistance.

Thank you, Billy!

Best Regards,



 I met with Billy after a month of my 2012 Mazda 3 being in the shop from where a concrete truck had

hit me from the side. I would have never known I could file this claim until one of my co-workers

mentioned it to me. That's when I found Collision Safety Consultants online. The filing process was

painless. He inspected my car to make sure the repairs were done right, then I gave him the adjuster's

contact information and he took care of the rest. In about 2 weeks, I had gotten back an offer and

check for the diminished value of my car. I am sure that they would have just ignored my claim or

offered much less, if I had filed it myself.

Thank you again Billy!

Nhia Vue


 This is a huge thank you to Billy Walkowiak, your staff, and your partners at Pack Brothers Body Shop.

 Your expert work, trustworthiness, help, and guidance in dealing with Nationwide Insurance

Company to make a “wrong” a “right” leaves me forever grateful. Your expert investigation and

guidance may have saved our lives.

My 2009 Toyota Highlander was involved in an accident on February 2, 2011.  Toyota of Gastonia Body

 Shop’s Blue Ribbon Service repaired it – or I should say “tried” to repair it.  After they worked on it for 5

weeks, I thought it was fixed until I started noticing unusual sounds. 

Concerned for our safety, I took the vehicle to Collision Safety Consultants for a “wreck check.”  

Sure glad I did!

The extent of the damage to the vehicle in the first place should have totaled it, but Nationwide Insurance

 didn’t.  Collision Safety Consultants gave me a complete write-up along with pictures of the repairs which

were not made correctly.  Rust had already set in on the repaired areas. 

 In the event of a crash those repairs would not have provided the protection they were supposed to. 

Needless to say, the vehicle was deemed unsafe to drive, and it was parked.

 Nationwide said there was nothing wrong with the repairs, and treated me with the utmost

disrespect. After being their client for 22 years, I learned that I don’t matter.  Nationwide was

not “on my side”.  After attorneys from both sides worked on the case for over 1 ½

years, Nationwide finally decided to total it. 

Collision Safety Consultants invested many days in taking the vehicle apart and checking the repairs/damage.

They provided written documentation of the bad workmanship.  With the help and guidance from

Collision Safety Consultants, I am now driving a new Toyota Highlander. 

  Billy, thank you so much for your expertise, your kindness, and your guidance.  

Without your help I would not be driving a safe new vehicle Today. 

Would I go to Collision Safety Consultants again?  Yes, absolutely, without a doubt.  The only thing

I regret is not going to them and Pack Brothers in the first place.  

I. McSwain


After another driver caused an accident in which I was involved, I reached out to a trusted family friend for

advice on who to contact to ensure that my interests were looked after, rather than the interests of the

 insurance company involved. Billy Walkowiak was the person to whom I was referred, and my family friend

 could not have made a better recommendation. Billy was with me throughout the months I spent dealing with

 car repairs, claim forms and conversations. It was great to know that I always had someone in my corner,

someone who was looking out for me. Billy was easy to work with, available and very knowledgeable. I would

 definitely recommend Billy’s services to anyone who has been in a motor vehicle accident.

Jason H 



Thank you so much for assisting me in getting State Farm to 'come around' with the replacement of my Recaro child safety seat and

 my diminished value claim.

On Election Day, I was recommended by a gentleman who was simply not paying attention; his temporary lapse in judgment caused

 almost $6000 damage to my 2006 Infiniti m35 along with sending me to the ER. As a result of Collision Safety's help, I was

able to get my car fully repaired properly (after 3 visits to Carter Chevrolet in Shelby), as well as receive a diminished value

settlement and the replacement of my high end, expensive child seat. Fortunately, my toddler was not with me at the time of the


Thank you Billy for stepping up for victims against pushy insurance companies!

Many blessings,

Bonnie Zelwak, MBA



I wanted to thank you for your help with the diminished value claim. I as many tried working with the

 other insurance company on a settlement and they offered me 650.00 this was a joke especially when

 I had only had my 2012 Nissan Sentra for only one month. The car had almost $10,000 in damages.

Billy got them to settle with $3050.00 which was way more than I could have gotten. Also, I had a

car seat, in which they also had to replace,


Shirley Howell


 Last year I got in a wreck that was not my fault- my car was in great condition before the wreck. After the

 insurance company declared that my car was not a total loss but found so much damage, a few hundred

away from being totaled, it was sent to be fixed. I know almost nothing about cars and have never navigated

 through anything like this, so I blindly received whatever the insurance company gave me. I was completely

ignorant of what compensation should look like for my particular situation.

 As soon as I got my car back and it was "fixed", the problems began. The car was far from fixed. As a last

 resort I contacted Billy. Billy was so knowledgeable, helpful, and professional. He walked me through

the process step by step, handled the claim in such a timely manner, and knew exactly what he was doing.

Billy did what I couldn't do- in my complete ignorance of what to do, he patiently and confidently helped

 me through the process and acted on my behalf to receive a fair deal. Because of Billy, I am not stuck with

 a broken down car but can replace my car with one that is in the same condition as my old car. I'm so

thankful for how Billy really helped me and saved me so much money and trouble.

Daniel Hill


 This letter is a personal testimony to the skillful job that Billy Walkowiak completed in a diminished value

claim; he complied and submitted for us. In November of 2012, we were rear-ended while waiting on a

stopped school bus. Our new 2012 Toyota Mini van sustained almost $6000.00 in damages.

We had never been involved in any type of serious automobile accident before, so a friend recommended

contacting legal help. We began the litigation process in early 2013 after completing all medical treatments.

Our attorney recommended that we contact Mr. Walkowiak regarding the diminished value claim and we are

very thankful that we did. Mr. Walkowiak’s charges were very reasonable. He very quickly and expertly

inspected our vehicle and then contacted the at fault insurance company for us.

In February of 2013, we received a scary notice from the at fault insurance company, claiming that we had

waited too long to submit a diminished value claim and thus we were not entitled to any DV amount at all!

Imagine our shock! We called Mr. Walkowiak that night and not only was he already aware of the situation,

he told us in no uncertain terms that the insurance company trying to pull one over on us and that

they were in fact, treading in quasi-legal waters. Mr. Walkowiak assured us that we did not need to worry;

he would dispute their bogus claims for us.

In March of 2013, not a full month after the initial letter offering $0 reimbursement for diminished value,

a second letter arrived offering  $2148.00. My husband almost fell out of his seat when he saw the letter.

He’s a pessimist and was sure that we wouldn’t see a thing.

Billy Walkowiak proved him wrong. He took on the at fault insurance company, weeded through all of the legal

 BS, plus made sure we received a fair offer. He was quick to call back anytime we left a message and clearly

 explained and walked us through the entire process with minimal effort required from us. He Tremendously

relieves a burden of stress regarding how to even go about such a procedure.

We were babes in the wood and would not even have known what a “fair amount” entailed, much less how to

dispute the failure to submit a claim in a timely manner letter. I can not say just how grateful we are to

Mr. Walkowiak and our attorney for recommending him. Should we ever find ourselves in such an

 unfortunate situation again, such as this; we would be sure to call him again. I highly recommend him and

his services at Collision Safety



Lynne Wiesecke


I attempted to purchase a new vehicle but was offered significantly less for my trade due to being rear-ended

/repaired.  I shared my frustration with my attorney, James Goard at The Olive Law Firm, who referred me

to Billy at Collision Safety Consultants.  Billy inspected my car, submitted arequest to the insurance company

for the diminished value, and within a month I was contacted by Liberty Mutual with a fair settlement.  If

you’ve been hit go see Billy and let him get the money you deserve!


Charlotte, NC         


 We would like to thank Billy Walkowiak, Ronnie Pack and the whole crew at Pack Brothers Collision 

Center for their help and support during this very long journey of trying to get resolution for damages

done to our 2008 Honda Odyssey van. 

We were involved in an accident which was not our fault.  A lady ran a stop sign and hit the rear

passenger side of our van on November 7, 2010.   We have bought several new trucks from Earl Tindol 

Ford over the years and because of this long association, we were confident that this was the best

body shop to send our van. After four and a half months, our van was "ready" to be picked

 up.  To our surprise, the van sounded like a junked vehicle.  There was a loud roaring coming from

the back of the van and we could hear air coming in.  After looking all around the van, we could see a

 lot of cosmetic damage.  Seeing these damages made us wonder what else might be wrong.  So we

decided to take the van to Collision Safety Consultations to be inspected.  Because of the way the

parts had been attempted to repaired and other things left undone, this vehicle was not only unsafe

but should have been totaled from the beginning. 

Without Collision Safety Consultations, Pack Brothers and our attorney, Hoyt Tessener, we would

never have gotten this matter settled.

 Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done for us !

 Gary and Phyllis Gilleland


My name is Carresa Huneycutt.  I am a chiropractic assistant at SouthEast Chiropractic.  On a regular basis we

send our personal injury patients to Pack Brothers Collision Center and Collision Safety Consultants for their

vehicle repairs.  On July 11, 2013 I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and immediately I started feeling

the pressure of what needed to be done to take care of the situation.  I had my car towed from the

scene because it was un-drivable, and the next morning I contacted Billy Walkowiak at Collision Safety

Consultants and he asked where my car had been towed and he handled the rest.  He then had my car towed

 to Pack Brothers Collision Center.  Within the next week the liability insurance came out and appraised my

vehicle and low balled me on the amount of money they were willing to give me for my car.  Mad and

upset I called Billy and ranted to him about what they were doing and he advised me that I could file in

through my insurance company and then my insurance company would subrogate with the liability insurance. 

Instantly I had millions of questions and concerns and so Billy walked me through how the process worked

and that everything would be ok, so I filed my auto repairs with my insurance which turned out to be a

nightmare.  My insurance company appraised the vehicle deeming it to be repairable so Pack Brothers

started working on my vehicle and informed me that there were more damages to the vehicle than the

 amount that my insurance company had appraised.  They contacted the insurance company and had them

come out and reappraise my car. 

After a long drawn out process with the insurance company Billy got me $1800.00 over market value on

my car. Both Collision Safety Consultants and Pack Brothers Collision Center went above and beyond to

make sure I was taken care of and satisfied with the end result. 

 I had confidence in these guys to begin with which is why we send our patients to them but working with

them on my own case made me feel even better about referring others to them.  They did a great job and

 I highly recommend them for any auto repairs.

Thank you guys again for all you did!!!

Carresa Huneycutt


 In September 2013, I was rear-ended on my way to work. Early on, the at fault driver and her insurance

Company caused an already stressful event to become a full blown hassle so my husband and I decided to

file our claim through our insurance company (Nationwide) to avoid any delays. We took my 2010 Nissan

 Altima, which was in otherwise excellent condition, to one of Nationwide’s “Blue Ribbon” body shops. We

were told that the damage was close to pushing the car to a total loss, but Nationwide and the body shop

considered it repairable so we agreed to have the repairs done. 

After over 30 days, the repairs were complete and my car *looked* like a brand new car again. Because the

damage was so severe, we planned on filing a diminished value claim against the at fault driver’s insurance company

so we took my car to Billy Walkowiak at Collision SafetyConsultants in Belmont, NC. Although we were solely

seeking diminished value, Billy and his colleague,Ronnie at Pack Brothers Collision Center, INC insisted on checking

the repairs that the “Blue Ribbon”body shop made. 

We are so thankful that he insisted and we were absolutely appalled with what they showed us. 

Holes in the trunk bed, damaged metal still remaining which was hammered out instead of being replaced,

rust from lack of proper protection (after only 5 days in our possession!!!), and improper welding throughout.

 Work that was noted in the repair receipt was either incomplete,

 improperly done, or not done at all.  Needless to say the car wasn’t safe to drive. 

Over the course of a week, Billy and Ronnie walked us through the whole process of fighting the body

shop and Nationwide for the fraudulent repairs. Bringing the car back to the same shop to fix the repairs

or taking it to someone else was the last thing we wanted to do. Additionally, an additional repair to fix the

 poor work would only further compromise the vehicle’s structure and that wasn't an option in our mind either.  

After a long week of arguing with Nationwide and the body shop, the body shop is buying my car at full market

value, plus our expenses. 

It should also be noted that Billy was on vacation for most of the time we worked with him and was still

working for us - answering calls and emails much quicker than Nationwide ever did. In a situation that was

 a complete nightmare from start to finish, Billy and his company were the only ones looking out for us

 and ultimately, saved us from driving an unsafe vehicle.  Without hesitation, we would strongly recommend

using Billy if you ever find yourself in a similar position like we were in.

Thank you once again!  
Gerald & Adrianne LaPorta


      Thank you for helping us to recover $20,000 in diminished value for our 2013 Cayenne GTS.

It was devastating when my 2 week old vehicle was rear ended and even more frustrating when the insurance

company was uncooperative. Your knowledge andprofessionalism was instrumental to settle this claim.

The fact that you called and emailed me every week eased my frustrations.

 I truly believe I never would have been able to obtain the correct diminished value without your efforts.

       I hope that I never need your services in the future, but if I do you will be the first person I call.

Let's just hope more people pay attention and make the roads a safer place!

Rebecca J.


 To Future Customers and Clients,

       Billy at Collision Safety went over and above what we ever imagined he would. He made sure our car was

 fixed to the same condition as before the accident. We had to take the vehicle back to Wilburn Auto

 Body 3 times because of corners they tried to cut which Billy caught and made sure were fixed to our

 satisfaction.  Billy caught things and problems that we would have never noticed, but helped to keep

the value of our car up by making sure it was done correctly.

     And after all that work Billy then started working with the insurance company to get us a diminished

value claim that makes up for any reports when we trade the car in.  Billy got us an amount that was very

 fair and more than we expected.

   Collision Safety Consultants and Billy are “Top Notch” and I would, and will recommend them to

anyone I know needing assistance with an auto accident, because of the level of service he provided!!

 Thank again!


Shelley and Greg Lister




I would like to thank Billy Walkowiak of Collision Safety Consultants for the support and advice given

 me.  I was the victim in a collision that badly damaged my vehicle.  Even though I was the victim in the

accident my vehicle lost significant value because of the accident damage. After the repairs were completed I went

 to Collision Safety Consultants for a Diminished Value Appraisal to determine my loss.

  Since I had not been involved in any prior accidents, I was unsure about the decisions I

was making with the insurance carrier and also unsure about what to do about the loss of value

to my vehicle. Something felt wrong about the fact I was hit by another driver

through no fault of my own but as a result of this my vehicle was going to be worth less.

Billy was great. He took charge, clearly explained what myrights were and arranged to have my

vehicle inspected to make sure the accident damage repairs had been completed properly.

The inspection indicated the repairs had not been properly completed. My situation was

dismal at this point.

I had a vehicle that had not been properly repaired and was also worth much less than it was prior

 to the accident.Billy helped me make the right decisions needed to get my situation back on course.

 The repairs were properly corrected and I was compensated for the diminished value of my vehicle.

 Billy’s experience and expertise were key factors in getting my problems solved.

Without his help this could have turned out very negative for me. I am very grateful for his help

 and the help of his staff at Collision Safety Consultants.

Thank you Billy!!

Larry Stapp


I just wanted to thank Billy Walkowiak of Collision Safety Consultants for his help after my accident. 

My brand new, 2012 vehicle was rear-ended in South Carolina over the Thanksgiving holiday.

  Needless to say, I was very upset and didn’t know who to trust.  After speaking with Billy,

I was still a bit overwhelmed, but he put me on the right path. 

He gave me the knowledge and confidence to actually pursue my DV claim with

the insurance company.  Billy always took my phone calls even when he was on vacation! Considering

 the leg work and time spent on me alone, he more than earned his “fee”,

which is small in comparison to the time spent on my claim. I have since settled the property damage

 portion of the claim and feel good about the outcome.  Thanks to Billy, I was able to take

the DV settlement and buy a brand-new car to replace the damaged one.  Thanks again Billy and

 I would refer friends and family to you should they find themselves in a similar predicament.  

Jamie Rhodes




I would like to take this opportunity to thank you personally for what you and your staff helped me to

accomplish. I heard of Collision Safety Consultants the weekend of Halloween 2011. I was at Topsail

 Island, NC with a mutual friend of Billy’s and mine, by the name of Jay Mouser, who is a local builder here

 in the triangle. We began speaking about a wreck that I had in my 2005 Honda Civic back in March of 2009,

 in which I hit a deer traveling from work to home.  This wreck really did a huge mess to the entire front

of my car, and I was telling Jay about some of the problems that I had incurred with my vehicle since the

accident, then he recommended that I contact Billy.

On November 4, 2001 I received an email from Billy explaining who he was and what he did.

He recommended that I take my car to a trusted friend who owns a body shop in Raleigh (Precision

Collision, Neal).  He took a look at my car and sent the information to Billy. The original

estimate to repair my Civic was just under $5000.00. On November 22, 2011 Neal had given Billy

 an estimate of $7900.00 to repair my Civic the correct way.

The next week I traveled to Belmont, NC to have Billy and his staff take a look at my car themselves,

and their estimate was the same and he took the time to explain what my insurance company did and of

course why they did it.

The next day I began the leg work under Billy's experience and guidance, of dealing with my insurance

company. My car had been deemed incorrectly repaired and basically unsafe to drive and should have

 been totaled at the time of the accident. Billy was with me EVERY step of the way, and trust me I had

plenty of questions; I was a little nervous going up against my insurance company. They would call me and

 then I would call Billy, this went on until January 6, 2011 when I received a phone call from my

insurance company telling me that after further review they were going to total my Civic and pay it off,

which is what they should have done 3 years ago.

I am writing this long testimonial for many reasons, the first of which is how fast this all happened. 

 I really didn't envision this going much farther than my first visit with Precision Collision, and here

 I am in less than 2 months with results. When you put your trust in Billy and his staff he will guide

 you step by step and at any time of the day be there for you. He has you and your family’s interest in

mind. I'm a huge believer of customer service, it's kind of gone by the way side these days, but Billy

 knows how to treat you, and never leads you astray. Billy will tell you almost word for word what the

 insurance companies are going to say before they say it, TRUST HIM and his company.

I can not thank him and his company enough for the work they did for me and my family! 

Jeff Johnson

Very Satisfied Customer

Clayton, NC



      I was a Nationwide Insured driver that was involved in two different accidents with other

Nationwide drivers, which were not my fault. My Buick was never fixed correctly and hence

why I went to Collision Safety Consultants.  I was getting the run around and

couldn’t get anywhere with Nationwide in regards to my diminished value claims. I think they

 thought that since I was an older widow lady that they could just make it hard and I and I would

 just give up.  Well, with out Billy and his staff- I would have done just that! 

      Collision Safety Consultants helped me immensely and helped me finally get me what was due

to me all along.  Thanks again for looking out for me. You all just don’t know how much I really do

 appreciate you all.


 P Burch


 I  am writing this letter to express my gratitude for your help after I was rear ended.

  I know that I would have not gotten it totaled without your help. I also want to say that my husband

and I were so glad to have found you. We are so appreciative. Not only was it a much quicker process with you involved.

  My car was wrecked on the 4th of February and the check was mailed from Greenville, SC on the 22nd of February!

This was a very smooth and seamless process with you at the helm. It is wonderful also that we count you as a friend

now, having never known you before we talked about my car. To say that we are satisfied is an

understatement! We are elated with the results and the fact that we have made a life long friend!

Thank you again for all of your wonderful help with this situation!

Warmest Regards,

Steve and Karen Pounds





New Bern, NC

Phone: 252-636-1285 Cell: 252-670-0238

Dear Billy,

After months of frustration with the vehicle repair shop. Spending hours either on the phone with or

at the body shop, at the Ford dealership and at the auto conversion shop...I finally have my

restitution. I am thankful my brother knew you and he was able to lead me in your direction.

I felt as if there was nowhere to go and honestly thought I would have to live with the fraudulently

repairs done on my vehicle. My brother said he has known you for over 15 years from your time

in the Yachting business in Eastern North Carolina with him. It's a great feeling knowing a

company such as Collision Safety Consultants exists to help consumers in need of

an advocate for the rights of people whom is taking advantage of by insurance companies and

vehicle repairs shops.

I want to take a moment to sincerely thank you and the entire staff at Collision Safety Consultants.

I could not be more pleased with the courtesy and professionalism shown me. I was amazed with

the precision equipment and state of the art technology your partners at Pack Brothers Paint &

 Body used to determine the extent of what my insurance paid for and what I actually got when

 my vehicle was repaired after the accident.

You know I love my Ford F-350 Heavy Duty truck and all I ever wanted from the time it was wrecked

 was for it to be repaired and repaired right and now thanks to you and the gang at Collision Safety

Consultants, I'm getting it repaired the way it should had been repaired the first time!

Thank you,

Joseph Meadows 


I wanted to let you know how pleased my wife and I are after having worked with you and your team at

Collision Safety Consultants.

  When Carrie was involved in her accident right after Christmas, I was worried that we would wind up

having to fight with the insurance company of the person who caused the wreck.  Our car received a lot of

 damage and when I looked at the value of the car I was sure it was totaled.  For some reason

the insurance company did not think that was the case, needless to say we worried about it.

Finally after two months of waiting on repairs we got our car back.  Carrie had been driving the car for a

few days and noticed the car was louder than before and was handling much differently than what she was

 used to.  I drove the car for a few days and noticed significant differences as well.  You’ll note that

 I drive the exact same make and model car and the differences were on the extreme side.

I had a feeling my worries over battling with the insurance company were going to come true. 

 However, fate stepped in and led me to you.  After your team did the inspection and showed me the

poor welding work and the rust, I was literally floored with the shoddy repair work. It amazed me that the

 body shop would do this level of work and pass it off as a safe and fully repaired vehicle.  

Given that it was on lease, we were afraid of passing this car back to the dealer, let alone continuing to

drive it.Your help and guidance was invaluable.  I can’t help but imagine all the run-arounds I would have

 had to deal with and the amount of time it would have consumed just to get this taken care of if Collision

Safety Consultants were not involved.  Thanks to you, we no longer have to worry about the insurance

 company and were able to walk away from this ordeal without any problems.

The work you do is incredible and is a service that we need.  As I make a run for Gaston County

Commissioner this year, I want to use this example of how your team is holding insurance companies and

body shops accountable for the work they do and for exposing the gaps in how our state insurance laws

 are allowing situations like mine to occur. 


Anthony Duran



 Dear Billy,

I wanted to write a quick note to express my gratitude for the outstanding service that you have provided to

me during my time of need! Being the victim in a car accident was something that I certainly never planned

for. This is one of those life situations that you just can't be prepared for and I appreciate you

 "holding my hand" throughout the process.

It is no wonder why you have an amazing reputation for helping others and have built a successful business

and name for yourself. If there is any recommendations that I could ever provide for you, I am more than

happy to do so. I hope that the other victims out there are as fortunate as I was to stumble across your

assistance. I wish you the best Billy and thank you again for caring and for your help!


Alice Jordan



  I have been a long time client of Nationwide for many years and paid THOUSANDS in premiums to them.

I had to file an auto accident claim on 02/17/12. My vehicle (2011 Honda Pilot EXL with 20k miles,

heated seats, back up rear camera, leather, sunroof, etc...purchased for $33k in summer of 2010) was hit

in the front end and taken to a Nationwide approved Blue Ribbon auto body shop.

  The Blue Ribbon auto body shop faxed me a copy of the cost to repair damages estimate sheet. I reviewed

and analyzed the damages of the vehicle and the cost estimate sheet and it seemed to be a total loss.

However, the Blue Ribbon auto body shop said they could fix it for $14k. I had a bad feeling about this

 and could not believe it so I contacted Billy Walkowiak/Collision Safety Consultants. I faxed a copy of

the cost to repair damages estimate sheet to Billy. After Billy's professional review and analysis of damages,

he knew I was being ripped off by Nationwide's approved Blue Ribbon auto body shop. So I moved

my vehicle to a body shop of Billy's recommendation. That body shop assessed the vehicle as a total loss.

Long story short, so I hired Billy to assist me with my claim.

  Throughout the claims process, Nationwide treated me as if I was crook and purposely prolonged my claim.

 Nationwide IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE!

They requested I pay 3/4 of the storage fees and give me nothing for the ACV (actual cash value) of my

vehicle. After many hours, days, weeks, and 3 months of Nationwide's lengthy negative claims process;

poor customer service and bad business practice, I was able to finally get the settlement offer that was

 rightfully mine. THANKS to Billy at Collision Safety Consultants. Billy was a very professional, informative,

personable, experienced, and positive person to work with. I would recommend anyone to Billy Walkowiak

/Collision Safety Consultants.


Thanks again Billy!

Xiong Tom Vang and Leah Lee



I want to thank you so much for your help, guidance, patience and awesome service in regards to my 2007


My only regret is that I did not contact you earlier than I did! You would have saved me months of agony

and aggravation. When I contacted you about the problems I was having with repairs to my car, you jumped

 right in to get my car fixed the way it should have been the entire time.  

 After the first body shop filed bankruptcy and my car was returned with little repair. You fought day after day to

help correct my issues, and I am so thankful to have had your expertise to get the car correctly repaired.  

With your help, the insurance company almost doubled their initial offer for diminished value. 

If I ever have another accident, and hopefully not, you will be among the first I contact to ensure proper repair of my automobile. 

 Again, I will make sure I let all know how great you and Collision Safety Consultants are with your business. 

 You make the world a better place, and I appreciate that!

 Please let anyone know, that they are free to contact me at 704-577-8942 to discuss further how you

provide outstanding service.



Jeff Harkey

Harkey Tile & Stone             ________________________________________________________________________________________________________


 Thank you so much for your help with my 2001 Honda. My son was involved in an accident where he was 

rear ended. I was dumbfounded on what to do next. It had been years since I’d been in an accident and I had

 no idea where to begin. I thought I could resolve this myself, but then the other driver’s insurance agent t

ried to assure me that the car was not totaled when I could clearly see how much damage there was. The

other driver did not yield, and slammed into our sedan with their full size SUV, causing extensive damage.

But they were telling me it wasn’t a complete loss. The last thing I wanted was a botched up repair job,

and an unsafe vehicle.  I knew I needed help.

 I searched collision negotiator on the web and your listing popped up. I was concerned at first that maybe

I was over reacting, and that I should try and handle this myself. I looked you up to ensure there were no

BBB complaints, and found that you were an active part of Angies List.  I’d never heard of a company that

does this, and let alone in such a small town so quite honestly I was still leery that this might be a hoax

until I spoke with you. You were very kind, and sincere.  I’m so glad that I reached out to you and

trusted your team. The process was FLAWLESS and completely stress free.

I am more than satisfied at the results.  In two weeks you helped me get a fair price for my vehicle and charged

 me NOTHING…absolutely nothing. A testimonial was the least I could do. I’ve certainly spread to word

to my friends and coworkers. I hope that no one has to have an

accident but in the event they do, you’re on my speed dial. I’m passing along the number.

 Thanks so much!

AC Brown

Hickory NC


"I was in a wreck some months back and the other party was 100% at fault.  I had never dealt with property

 damage claims and the at fault insurance company was unreasonable every step of the way, until I found


The at fault insurance company even implied they wished he was on their team!!

I highly recommend him if you find yourself needing an expert in the property damage field."

 Sincerest Regards,

Arne Halvorsen


Billy and David,

 I just wanted to thank the both of you for handling our diminished value claim against Kemper Insurance.

 After they talked with our attorney, they were only willing to give us a third of what your company

negotiated for us. Our attorney recommended your company to us and I must say you went above and

 beyond what we expected. You are worth every penny that you get paid for what you do and have to

deal with everyday.

Insurance companies don’t mind taking your money but they sure never seem to want to give any up.

 We will recommend you to everybody. Again, thanks for all your help and you are welcome to use us as a reference if needed.



 Perry R. and Lisa D. Maddox



I am sorry that it has taken me so long to tell you how much I do appreciate everything that

Billy and the team at Pack Brothers took care of me.  Working in the heating and air industry

 I have been extremely busy with the record heat we experienced this 2012 summer so far.


       I would like to begin by explain to anyone who read this my situation.  I was involved in a hit a run

accident October 2011 which pretty much destroyed my car.  I meet with my insurance agent the day

 after the accident and I choose to take my car to Hendricks Honda on South Blvd to have the repair

made to my car.  I choose this dealership because my car was Honda certified, it was an approved

GMAC repair shop, and I had my car serviced there numerous times, and I was happy there

 service prior to me being involved in the accident.      


          After taking my car back and forth to the dealership many, many times to get them to correct

repairs made to my car.  I was contacted by Billy with Collision Safety Consultants to bring my car

over to Pack Brothers Collision Center in Belmont to take a second look at the repairs made to my car. 

 As the technicians began to strip my car and inspect the repairs made to my car by Hendricks Honda.  

The team at Pack Brothers with Billy at Collision Safety Consultants documented that the repairs made

to my car were unsafe for me to drive this car.  My insurance adjuster and The Team from Hendricks Honda

had no choice but to take care of me.               



          I cannot thank you guys enough for all of your hard work, very valuable knowledge, and assistance.

  I now have a newer car and very happy thanks to you guys.  If anyone ever has an accident and is unsure

 that the repairs are made correctly.  You should use this team of professionals to help you get the job done!


Thanks Guys,

 Mickey D.Cook

Lennox Parts Plus- Greenville S.C.

Customer Sales Associate

Phone - 864-558-2424 EXT: 8848

Fax- 864-675-6469




          I'd like to extend my sincere gratitude to Billy Walkowiak for his helping me recover diminished

value for my vehicle after an accident.   My 2008 Honda Accord was rear-ended and suffered roughly

 $4,600. in damages. The insurance company of the person that hit me accepted liability and paid for

the damages to be repaired.

My insurance company advised me to ask them for diminished value of my car.  After a little research

 regarding DV, I contacted the insurance company of the person that hit me. They assigned me a very

 difficult adjuster, who dragged out the process for 6 months.  After an abundance  of research, emails

sent back and forth and calls not returned to me, I was only offered $430.Needless to say, I was not happy.

I found Billy through the research I had done. Billy had a very similar case to mine on his website.

 I called and spoke with Billy.  Even with the distance between us (I live in Texas),

he was very helpful and I hired him to do an appraisal of my vehicle.The at fault drivers insurance

company still would not budge after Billy's report, so I sent my letter of intent to sue the at fault

driver in small claims court. They were not swayed and I received a 'general denial' letter from the

at fault drivers lawyer.

 The day of our case, they brought two lawyers and the difficult insurance adjuster. I stated my case;

 they threw back with some legal jargon and 'double recovery' cases, which the judge promptly overruled.

 They never called the insurance adjuster to testify. The judge ruled in my favor and I received $3,000! 

 It's funny, looking back, they could have settled with me for $1600. I could not have done this

without Billy and CSC!  He was always just a phone call or email away.  I felt like he was a

friend I could contact when I needed support or advice.

  Thank you Billy!

Melissa Clark 

Mckinney, Texas                 



About a month ago I was in a head on collision where I was not at fault.  Having never been in a situation

where my car was not drivable I was at a loss for what to do.  My insurance company, who was also the

 insurance company of the person who hit me, suggested 2 shops that they backed locally for me to have

my car taken to for damage assessment.  I had it taken to the Geico Express Shop where after 10 days

 they told me my car was repairable--and that they had already begun repairs on my car without my


The adjuster, who just happened to have an office in the repair facility, was adamant that my car was

 repairable and could only be repaired with secondhand parts per my policy--even though I was not at fault

in the accident!  My parents contacted TJ Solomon, a friend of theirs and an attorney in my hometown

 nearly 100 miles away who referred me to Billy Walkowiak and Collision Safety Consultants. 

 Within a day Billy had my car moved to Pack Brothers where they found damages not included

 on the original damage report.  Having my car moved connected me to a new damage adjuster who,

after looking at Pack Brothers report, determined that my car was in fact a total loss and NOT repairable. 

 Not only that, but when the insurance company tried to short change the value of my car

 after declaring it a total, he was right there with me insuring that they paid me a fair price for my car! 

I am amazed at what the insurance companies get away with by bulldozing innocent people! 

If I am ever so unfortunate to be in another accident, Collision Safety will be my first call!     

Thank you so much--I am forever grateful!

Betsy Grondy





  PO BOX 2636




OCTOBER 20, 2011

To Whom It May Concern: 

I am very pleased with the way Collision Safety Consultants and Billy Walkowiak has assisted my clients

 with damage to their vehicles arising from accidents. Whether it involves a total loss, faulty repairs,

or a diminished value claim Billy Walkowiak is knowledgeable, efficient and prompt in helping my clients.

He cares about people and understands their desire for fair treatment.  I am quite impressed with what I have

 seen Billy Walkowiak and Collision Safety Consultants accomplish. I highly recommend him.


Very Truly Yours, 

TJ Solomon, II


Gray, Layton, Kersh, Solomon, Furr, & Smith, PA

Attorneys At Law

516 South New Hope Road

Gastonia, NC 28054

(704) 865-4400





“My name is Robert Reeves, and I am a personal injury attorney here in Charlotte/Fort Mill. Recently, I was

 involved in an automobile accident.Fortunately, no one was injured, but my 1997 Mercedes E320 was a

total loss. Initially, my insurance company offered me $4200 even though the car was in pristine condition

 and had only 63k miles.  

 He was extremely professional and actually delivered on his promises. I would highly recommend his

services. In fact, he is now listed on my firm's website to help my vehicle injury clients.

Thank you, Billy."

Robert J Reeves PC

1012 Market Street, Suite 205         

Fort Mill, South Carolina 29708        

803-548-4444 SC Claims           


301 S. McDowell Street, Suite 1104

Charlotte, North Carolina 28204

704-499-9000 NC Claims




I was in an accident and had my car repaired at a body shop recommended by my insurance company.

Nationwide Blue ribbon shop , Tindol Ford.  I had to take my car back twice for missed repairs that were

obvious to me, even though I have little car knowledge. Naturally this had me concerned about the internal

 repairs. I read an article in the newspaper about Collision Safety Consultants & Pack Brothers Collision

Center and what  they were doing. I also have family members who have had positive experiences with

Pack Brothers, so I decided to let them evaluate the repairs.Thanks to collision Safety consultants and

Pack Brothers it was actually determined that my car was totaled and had I kept driving it the way it was;

 I would have had major problems. I received enough money to pay off my car loan & make a substantial down

payment on a new vehicle.

They did all this without charging me a single cent! They kept me informed every step of the way, very

 professional, friendly and honest. They truly helped me and genuinely care about people and their safety.

Thank you so much Collision Safety and Pack Brothers for everything you've done for me, I cant say

 enough good things about you guys!

Heather Black :)  

Thanks Billy & everybody @ Pack Bros., you guys are so great & I've been recommending you to everybody I know!

Heather Black

Gastonia, NC





I want to thank you and your staff for the help in fast collection of the diminished value of my car from

Allstate. I could not even expect it would be this fast and this much.

I will gladly recommend you to my friends.


Thank You,


Olga Pinzari




                 I was in a car accident on May 18th where I was hit on the driver’s side back tire, causing me to

then spin around & hit another car head on. Originally, my car was taken to the Honda Collision center

 on South Boulevard for an estimate of the damages. I was told by Honda that the Insurance adjusters

estimate was about right & the total cost for damages to my car would be around $6,500 & they would

be able to fix the car. My car sat at Honda for 3 weeks & I don’t believe they ever did a complete estimate

 on my car.

                I was told by different sources that had seen the damages to my car after the accident to not

allow the insurance company to fix it. I was told the car would never drive the same because of the damage

 to the axle & I would continue to have problems even after they tried to fix the car. Hearing this from

multiple sources & Honda saying that no one else would be able to find any more damage for the car to

be a total I decided to have the car taken from Honda & my lawyer sent the car to Collision Safety


                At that time, Billy Walkowiak of Collision Safety Consultants had his staff begin a thorough

estimate & they found that the car did have way more than $6500 worth of damage.  Billy communicated

with me through all of their findings & told me all that was going on with the car. He finished a

complete estimate after a week & the car in fact was totaled. I am grateful for all of Billy’s thorough

work on my car & his honesty.

I was very worried with all the damage the car had that Honda was saying they could fix the car.

Would it be safe, I am a mother & don’t need anything to happen to my children or myself because

of someone negligence. I am very thankful to Billy & his staff for protect us & giving me the truth on my car. 


Melanie Phillips



Dear Billy, Ronnie & Larry,

I can't believe how you all took care of  us. Our car was only 2 weeks old with over $7000.00 worth of hail

damage. Instead of repairing the car and making a profit- you referred us to someone who helped us

 get a brand new car! I've never in my life had people go out of their way at their own expense to make

such a "blessing" happen. We can't really put into words how much we appreciate everything you have

done for Judy and me. 

Judy Pence & Bear

Gastonia, North Carolina




I want to personally thank you and Pack Brothers Collision Center for your assistance with the issues you

 found on my 2007 Infinity G35S regarding repairs from Hendricks Collision Center and GEICO’s

 lack of involvement. You were able to inspect and provide me with a list of issues found from

the poor repairs from Hendricks. During your inspection, you found the control arm bolts were loose with

the collar pin missing, you discovered that the frame had been bent and was miss aligned, issues with

the paint not matching and with trash imbedded in it, un-painted damaged area underneath the passenger

 side door, and the air conditioning not functioning with no blowing cold air.  Your inspection was able

 to determine that my car was unsafe to drive based on the repairs Hendricks completed initially.

 I will continue to refer Collision Safety Consultants & Pack Brothers Collision Center

to other people and will keep you in mind for any future collision & body repairs.  


 Jerod Siddle


Charlotte, NC




I would like to thank you for all your help regarding the problems I had come across with my vehicle.

 I bought my vehicle two years ago from a reputable dealership. With the help of Collision Safety

Consultants, I was able to find out that my car was involved an accident (also not properly fixed).

CSC was able to help me resolve this issue.  y car is now at the shop, being repaired the right way. 

Most important, CSC did all of this at no charge! I am so happy to know there are

still people out there who are truly willing to help you.

Thank you,

Ilona Shelest





To Whom It May Concern:

     I wanted to thank you for assisting me with the repair of my Nissan Altima. I had a hit and run on

 November 19,2010. My insurance company sent me to fix my car at Hendricks Collision Center in

Fayetteville, NC. Two months after I received I had received my car back, I realized they did not fix it

correctly. I then took my car to Collision Safety Consultants and my car was fixed properly.

I am extremely satisfiedwith my choice for automotive service. Thank you for your pride in offering each

customer the best in service, quality, and attitude. You have worked have worked on my car since the

 beginning and I have always been extremely happy with your professionalism. Your facility met my

stringent criteria in all areas: reputation, equipment, facity appearence, customer service, community

reputation, and scope of service. It is indeed a pleasure to recognize Collision Safety Consultants

as among the best automobile repair facilities in the North Carolina service area.


Arcadio Solorzano

Fort Bragg, NC 28310





To Whom It May Concern:

Please note that my law firm obtained the services of Collision Safety Consultants with regard to

my client's total loss vehicle. Collision Safety Consultants were able to provide my office with

an NADA Evaluation and Vehicle Summary according to NADA Values and were able to

maximize my client's outcome. My client was very please with the results.

Brian deBrun

Law Offices Of Brian deBrun




Dear Collision Safety Consultants,

We would like to express our thanks to Collision Safety Consultants for doing the impossible!  Our 2007 BMW

was declared unsafe and totaled. Even after $13,000 worth of repairs and ultimately got a

check for $31,900, which was the total value of the car at the time of the accident. This all happened

within seven days of the inspection of my vehicle even though the accident was my fault.


 When the accident occurred we were in Virginia and we had the car towed to the local BMW Dealership.

Geico told us if we had it fixed there, they would not guarantee the work. Subsequently we took it to their

direct repair shop upon their direction. The body shop repairs had charged us for parts that were not replaced

but were charged for, rust where my car had been welded, my trunk lid did not fit, and parts were damaged

 that should have been replaced.

 I don’t know what we would have done without you all helping us. Thanks again, for a job well done!


Forever Grateful,

Mandy and Scott Carlton

Gastonia, NC




I stumbled upon Wreck Check in my hometown of Gastonia while researching 'Diminished Value'.

This chance meeting would prove to save me thousands of dollars and a headache of biblical proportions,

not to mention the very safety of my family.

 After being hit by a careless driver, I had my vehicle repaired by the local dealership. While waiting for

 the repair work, I spoke with Mr. Pack regarding the Diminished Value laws of North Carolina.

 He was very informative, detailing the guidelines and parameters by which insurance companies

compensate for the lower resale value, even when properly repaired, due to the simple fact the vehicle

has been involved in a

collision. Fortunately, Mr. Pack also mentioned his Wreck Check service, and I agreed to have a post-repair inspection by his technicians.

 Wreck Check's evaluation of the completed repairs was stunning. Their technicians pointed out issues with the paint and body, which I had

 missed due to the fact it was raining when I originally picked up my vehicle. 


 Wreck Check's wheel alignment diagnostic revealed a much more serious issue, which was quickly diagnosed as damaged frame rails. Wreck

 Check revealed where the rails had been hammered and then spot-painted toconceal damaged components.  

Since I am not a "car guy", Mr. Pack explained in detail how modern cars are engineered with high-strength steel components specifically

designed to deform in a collision so that the impact energy is diffused. He said these "crumple-zones" protect the passenger compartment

during a collision, and he showed me first hand where these components had done their job on my vehicle. He also pulled factory bulletins

detailing precisely how the repairs should have been done.

 Equipped with this wealth of information, I returned my vehicle to the dealership's repair shop. Shortly afterwards, the car was deemed

totaled by the insurance company. 

Wreck check saved me thousands by properly diagnosing the extent of my vehicle's damage. Had I not gone to Wreck Check, the damages

 likely would have remained hidden from me until I tried to trade in the vehicle, and more importantly, I would have been driving my family

 around in a vehicle whose engineered safety design had been compromised. 

I will never again use any other repair shop than Pack Brothers' Wreck Check. Thanks, Ronnie!


Reid H.

Gastonia, NC




I drove from Marble, NC to use Pack Brothers Collision. I was referred to them by a friend. I had Geico insurance and the top of my

 Nissan X-tera was creased down the top due to an accident. Geico wanted the top of the vehicle reinforced with Styrofoam and

bonded. Needless to say I have children and new Styrofoam would not protect t...hem. I spoke with Larry on the phone several times,

 after Geico told me that was all they were paying and I had to take it to one of their dealers. Larry Pack told me my rights and Geico

 could not push me around. I drove my Nissan to Pack Brothers, when he came out and looked at the vehicle he told me it was

definitely a total loss. They sent Geico's adjustment back in and had the vehicle re-inspected and guess what Geico decided that

 it was a total loss and they couldn't get it fixed with Styrofoam that it was illegal. 

Joni Moss




 I would like the opportunity to personally thank you for your assistance in resolving my claim with Nationwide Insurance. Because

this was my first experience handling an auto accident claim, there were many caveats and nuances that I was unaware of in the

settling of my claim. 

The structural damage that was left on my car after the initial repairs was alarming. If it were not for your careful inspection, I would

never have known that I was driving a still damaged vehicle. I am very pleased with the settlement that I received. I am now in the

same position I was before the accident, which is all anyone could ever ask for.

 I will not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who is unfortunate to experience what I had to go through. It is important

 to have someone as knowledgeable and experienced as you on your side when you are navigating through an auto accident claim.

Again, thank-you.


Jessica Houser


Greensboro, NC      



I would like to send a shout out to Collision Safety Consultants!


I was in a car accident and it only took one email and I had a fast email back along with a call to me for the diminished value on my

car. I worked with the owner, Mr. Billy Walkowiak. He had great customer service and care.

Very good fee and well worth the call. I would recommend this company to all of my family and friends or any stranger that I see that

 has been in a car accident.

 Best Regards,                                                    


June Brackin