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Examples of Results Customers Have Received With OUR Advice


We found bad repairs on a 2008 Honda fixed at Tindol Body Shop. We did a post collision inspection after it was fixed. We found improper and fraudulent repairs. After 3 years and a 2 week trial, Tindol body shop was found guilty of fraud and unfair and deceptive trade practices. The Jury agreed with our findings and awarded the family $120,000.00 in damages. The Judge is also considering awarding attorney fees.

A customer was referred to us by K&M Collision Hickory. They had a new 2013 Porsche Cayenne GTS with mostly light damage. They received $20,000.00 cash in Diminished value.

A customer from Asheville found us on the web. He had a 2012 Shelby Cobra GT 500 with sheet metal but no structural damage. In less than 72 hours They received $10,000.00 for their car’s loss of value!

A customer found us on the web. His 2013 Corvette had only 758 miles on it when he was rear ended. The damage was not structural and the repairs were approximately $6200.00.  They got $5400.00 in diminished value.

We had a customer with a 2011 Infinity QX56, they had purchased new about a year ago. They were rear ended and sustained approximately $16,000.00  in damage. After the at fault insurance company originally denied the diminished value claim,  they were forced to hire an independent appraiser. Once the appraiser finally sent his report to the at fault company, the company made offer of $10,000.00. 

A customer had a total loss. Her attorney was having a tough time getting the insurance company to pay for TWO child safety seats.  They had been fighting the insurance company for 4 weeks. They agreed to replace the seats within 2 days of my letter. I did not charge her or the Attorney for my assistance. You can't put a price on Child Safety!  

We had a customer with a 2005 Scion come in for a diminished value claim. His car was fixed at Toyota of Gastonia Collision. We found a wheel still bent from the accident and bad repairs. After looking at the estimate we found out the car was a total loss. Toyota of Gastonia exceeded 75% of the value in repairs and let this Charlotte Fireman leave the shop in a salvaged vehicle without telling him. With our help, they paid him full retail value for the car... plus he got to keep the car!

A local professional banker's 2006 Infiniti was hit by a State Farm insured driver. They had her take her car to a State Farm select repair shop in Shelby. She asked them to replace her $300.00 Recaro child safety seat, which her 22 month old uses. Luckily the child was not in the accident. State Farm had denied seat replacement. She called me and I said we could help. We inspected her car, took photos of bad repairs, pointed out they put all USED parts, and that they did poor welding. I also explained that I was a CPS Tech (child passenger safety) certified by Safe Kids with the curriculum by National highway Transportation Administration. I explained the fact that CPS Training suggests any child safety seat involved in an accident needs replacement. Then I pointed out that State Farm was also the sponsor of the program. The customer was offered $1500.00 in diminished value and told to go buy a new Recaro seat and fax the receipt to the adjuster. They would pay for the new seat! I love helping people and keeping families safe!  

A customer with a 2013 Ford Taurus Limited was hit by a self insured Gas Company.  The vehicle was only 3 months old and had approximately $15,000.00 in damage. The at fault company used an in house appraisal firm and offered $4600.00 for his loss of value. My customer received $8000.00 in diminished value. 

A lady from Wilmington called me because her 2011 Lexus RX350had been rear ended in July. She had heard about diminished value and called me because the insurance company said; she did not file for DV within 30 days after repairs were completed. So they said "we won't pay anything".  Within one week she was offered and accepted $1400.00 in diminished value.

Last week a friend of the Pack brothers was rear ended by a Nationwide insured driver in their 2010 Toyota Highlander. They brought the SUV in for an estimate. They asked if we would inspect repairs from a previous accident in March where they were also hit by a Nationwide driver and had the repairs completed by Tindol Ford a Nationwide Direct Select Body shop. After reviewing the estimate and inspecting the repairs we found fraudulent and faulty repairs.  Nationwide reinspected the Highlander on 10/9/12 and said there were "mistakes" made in the March estimate and declared the vehicle a total loss! That's 1 more unsafe vehicle off the road!

We had a costumer with a 2003 King Ranch, take his truck to Wilburn Body Shop in Belmont, NC.  Nationwide suggested he take it there after one of their customers hit him. They stated that it was one of Nationwide's Preferred Shops. We found the front frame rail was still damaged and told him to take the truck back to their shop for inspection. Wilburn first denied any damage- until they put it on a lift and saw where I circled the damage with a paint pen and drew arrows to the damage. When he asked what they were going to do, they said, " If we replace the frame rail, it will total your truck, that's why we tried to just fix it."  Ford does not allow frame rail extension to be repaired, only replaced; doing so could effect air bag deployment.  After Nationwide re-inspected the improper repairs, they declared the truck a total loss and offered to pay him full retail value of the truck.... plus he gets to keep the truck!

We were contacted by the Bowden Law Firm. Their client had a 2010 HHR with a previous wreck history and$7000.00 in current damage caused by a Geico driver.   Geico denied the claim and refused to pay anything. The client received $1500.00 in diminished value due to the accident.

We were contacted by Frances Knox, The Knox Law Group. Her client had just purchased a 2012 $68,000 Infinity. He had 450 miles on it and was rear ended with $4,350.00 in damage. Kemper offered 1400.00 in Diminished Value. The client received $3,250.00 within one week of filing a claim. This amount was more than double their original offer.

Attorney TJ Solomon had a client with a diminished value claim on a 2009 Honda with $6900.00 worth of repairs. After our first inspection, we found a frame rail was missed in repair and not even connected to the bumper/body panel. We called the local shop that had completed the repairs and sent the car back for them to correct their mistake. After the 2nd repair, we filed a DV claim and noticed the repairs still were not up to par. We then pushed for repair related diminished value because of the damage still present. We told the client we could probably get $1500.00 -$1800.00 since the shop was not a direct repair shop. The insurance company called and they received $3000.00!

We were hired by Warren and Kallianos to evaluate a diminished value claim for their client’s 2012 Hyundai with over $12,000.00 worth of repairs. After a short inspection we found incomplete and faulty repairs. After the shop and insurance rep. saw the faulty repairs they declared it a total loss and they paid all fees within 24 hours of their inspection.

A client from the Olive law firm was referred to us for a diminished value claim on his 2011 Infiniti G25 after his completed repairs were done at a cost of $7428.31 and he received 3450.00! That's 46% of damages. A GREAT recovery!

We were hired by Jason E Taylor on a Custom 1976 Harley Davidson. The insurance adjuster originally offered $800.00. After my research and appraisal the client received $4500.00 for the bike!

A Customer in Winston Salem NC found us online. He has a 2013 limited edition Corvette with 570 miles on it. The other driver rear ended him causing $6200.00 in damage. They originally offered him $700.00 in diminished value. He received $5500.00 for his depreciation.

We had a local resident ask about DV. The insurance company told him since his damage of $4200.00 was cosmetic only to his2012 Chevy Traverse and he was not owed any diminished value. He got $2250.00 in cash for his loss.

A 2012 Volkswagen repaired at K&M Collision in Hickory, NC had sustained $5180 worth of repairs and they received $3400 in diminished value.

We were contacted by The City of Gastonia when their 2005 Chevy Truck was hit by another driver. The truck was a total loss. After our appraisal and opinion of the value. The City of Gastonia was entitled to an additional $1200.00 that they received.

Collision Safety Consultants was hired by The City of Charlotte (Mecklenburg County). A 2008 Toyota was hit by a CMC owned vehicle and the owner filed a DV claim against CMC for $5100.00. CSC completed a diminished value report on the vehicle in question. CMC had been trying to resolve the claim for approximately 30 days.They received $2800.00. Saving the City of Charlotte $2300.00, in less than 48 hours.    

A customer had a highly customized 1991 Nissan 300zx Twin Turbo. Over the years, he had invested more than $30,000.00. When he wrecked his car, his insurance company offered him $3,900.00. He evoked the appraisal clause of his policy and hired me.   I did a through actual cash value assessment based on his receipts and NADA. He received $16,500.00 that's over four times their original offer.

A client of Frances Knox with a 2012 Toyota Seneca was denied diminished value by Safeco, stating she did not file her claim in 30 days. According to the NC General Statute, it's not required. After forcing them to comply with the statue and hire an independent appraiser, she received $2148.00

A 2012 Mercedes 450 GLK had Approx $10,000 with of damage. He and the “at fault driver” had the same insurance. They hired an independent appraiser after receiving my report. Within two weeks the owner got $6000.00 cash for his depreciation, loss of value due to the accident.

 A 2011 Kia with approximately $8000.00 in damages received $3500.00 by the insurance company for their diminished value claim. That's an outstanding cash recovery of 43% in depreciation.

I was hired to do a Diminished Value Claim against Auto Owners on a 2003 F350 with over 200,000 miles. " After the owner of the truck sent a letter to the other at fault driver of his intention to file a law suit and he filed a complaint with the NC Dept of insurance, Auto Owners removed the adjuster from the claim, sent a letter of apology and offered the customer $2000.00!

Geico denied a DV claim on a 2008 Acura, stating it had been wrecked before and said they would pay ZERO! Geico offered and he received $2,600.00 from “I will not pay you a dime” !!!

An Attorney sent me a customer with a customized 1991 Nissan 300ZX. He had $30,000 invested in the car. He was originally offered $3,900.00 for his total loss. Yesterday, he received $15,900.00, which was 4X the original offer! He said that he never thought he would get more than $8,800.00, which was the NADA clean retail value.

We were contacted by a young lady with a 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe with $5237.37 in damages, who just picked her car up from being repaired at Wilburn Auto body on Hawkins Rd. She asked us to inspect the repairs and then provide her with diminished value assistance. We found several repair related items that were not fixed properly and she took the car back to that body shop to address the issues. Once repairs were addressed, she sent a demand for DV to the at fault insurance company and she received $2000.00 in diminished value.

A customer contacted us with a 2012 Traverse that was hit by a GMAC insured driver.  The vehicle had $9451.00 in repairs. They were originally offered $1500.00 in Diminished Value. They hired me and I appraised the loss of value at $6,300.00 then GMAC offered and the customer received $4,000.00. That's 2 1/2 times the original offer!

A 2008 Honda Pilot had sustained $9000.00 and the insurance company had denied diminished value. She received $2000.00 after our help!

We were hired by a gentleman from Raleigh, NC about a 2005 Chrysler 300C that had sustained approximately $6400.00 in damages. The at fault company refused to pay DV since the vehicle had over 100,000 miles. After our report was sent to their independent appraiser, we discussed our opinion and he received $1700.00.

While on vacation in Wilmington, NC, a good friend of mine, Attorney Phillip David asked me to come by his office to look at a client’s car. It had over $13,000.00 worth of repairs. Without my equipment, I did a few field tests, with a magnet to check for bondo.   I removed the weather stripping and found bad welds. The customer came to Belmont a week later for a more in depth inspection.  We found the adjuster had under written the estimate and we also found faulty repairs. The owner stated that the body shop owner at Cape Fear Collision forged her signature on the insurance check. We reported the fraud to the NC Commissioner of Insurance, who launched an investigation into insurance fraud. The owner also contacted the New Hanover Sheriff’s Dept and evoked the appraisal clause with her insurance company. Within 2 days of GMAC re-inspecting the vehicle with a local manager and a regional material claims manager the car was declared a total loss.

A 2012 Nissan Altima with $7800.00 in damages was repaired at a local shop and the repairs were very good. They received $5000.00, which our customer accepted.

 A 2003 Infinity owner from Greenville, SC researched and checked with several companies before he hired us. The insurance company denied his original claim. Our research we proved previous damage was only cosmetic. They still denied the claim a 3rd time.  After our help and advice, he sent a letter. Once the letter was received within one day they offered $1500.00. With our help and guidance, he received $2000.00 which was $200.00 more than what we originally estimated. This shows that the year of car and prior damage does not prevent us from recovering diminished value, even in SC where there is no diminished value law, like there is in NC. 

A 2008 Hyundai Tiburon had originally sustained damages in the amount of $6877.38. The owner brought their vehicle in for a diminished value claim but we also found multiple weld burns plus improper and faulty repairs. The insurance company made the customer take their vehicle back to the same body shop to have it re-repaired. The cost to fix those faulty repairs were $7968.10, which the at fault body shop had to cover. So we based the customer's dv on the highest repair cost. They received $3350.00 in diminished value.

A 2011 Volkswagen Jetta had sustained $4,631.00 in damage. We inspected and found bad repairs. After the bad repairs had been addressed and corrected, we also helped them with their diminished value claim. They received $3,100.00.

In less than 24hrs settlement reached

A 2011 Buick Enclave owner was part of a 3 car collision. He was rear ended by a car that was pushed into him by the at fault driver. His vehicle sustained $4033.10 in damages. He demanded diminished value to the at fault drivers insurance company and they denied that he was due ANY diminished value. He received $3250.00 in diminished value.  

We were contacted by attorney Jennifer Bowden from the law firm of Steve R. Bowden and Associates in Greensboro, NC.  Her 2007 Mercedes was involved in an automobile accident that was not her fault.  Safeco insured the at fault driver. Ms. Bowden requested diminished value and was offered $450.  Her vehicle sustained damage of $4715.25. Ms. Bowden then hired a local appraiser to do a report on diminished value.  Safeco then offered an additional $50.00. Ms. Bowden has been dealing with this claim since November. She filed a lawsuit against the at fault driver. She contacted us in March of this year. Within four days of speaking with the Safeco’s law firm, explaining our opinion, she received $2000 in diminished value. This was almost 4 times the offer that Safeco had previously made.

 A 2008 Ford Mustang GT sustained $7800 in damage. A client of Chris Kallianos of Warren and Kallianos, received $3000.00 in Diminished Value. 

An owner of a 2007 BMW 750 LI had just over $24,000 in repairs and was told by the insurance company he only had around $4500.00 in Diminished Value. Our customer was offered and accepted $8500.00.  That's almost double what Geico's independent appraiser figured.

We were recently asked to provide an Actual Cash Value assessment for the City of Gastonia for a 2008 Dodge Durango.  This vehicle was being used by the Fire Department and had been involved in an accident. It had been deemed a total loss by the insurance company involved.  After the report of our findings, They received an additional $2600 that had been left off the initial offer from the insurance. We feel very fortunate to be able to help the City of Gastonia and look forward to long relationship.

We were contacted by the owner of a 2010 Dodge Avenger. He took his car to Wilburn Auto Repair upon the suggestion of the insurance company he was hit by.  When he got his vehicle back after being repaired, it was just several hundred dollars away from a total loss. He was surprised because the end bill was thousands and thousands more than the original estimate. He noticed the fenders did not line up properly and there was dirt in the paint. He also now heard creaks and wind noise. After we reviewed his estimate and did a complete inspection of his vehicle; we found bare welds, improper repairs, and use of aftermarket parts that did not and would not fit properly. After returning the car to the body shop with our information in hand, the car was declared a total loss and they paid him in full for the current value if his vehicle. 

We were contacted by the law firm of Warren and Kallianos. Their client had traded his 2007 Chevy Truck and was denied diminished value. After our report was filed the client was offered $400.00. They received $ 1250.00 in diminished value, which is over three times the original offer.

A 2004 Mercedes CLK 500 owner's attorney, Paul Heffron of Hefferon & Hefferon, PA stated his client's vehicle was hit the day after he had purchased it and had sustained over $5227.00 in damages. He received a settlement of $4500.00 for property damage. That settlement is roughly 85% of the total cost of repairs.

A 2011 Toyota Camry XLE sustained $12,596.18 in damages. With our report and assistance the owner received $5000.00 for diminished value.

A 2008 Honda Accord sustained $4,739.79 in damages and was offered $1000.00 in diminished value. After our report the independent appraiser said the diminished value of her car was $1600.00.  She accepted his opinion which was $600 more than what she was originally offered.

A 2009 Mazda M3 owner was originally offered $800.00 then their Attorney TJ Solomon referred them to us. The first offer after Avis/Budget received our report was $1975.00, which they declined. They offered and the customer accepted $3000.00 for diminished value.

A 2011 Lexus ES350 Owner's vehicle was declared a total loss after an accident. Originally the insurance company had written an estimate of repair for only $1500.00 in damages.   See their story under our Testimonials Tab.

A 2009 Honda Accord sustained $2,525.29 in damages to his vehicle and after our report he received $1300.00 in diminished value.

A customer from Charlotte with a 2006 Honda came in for a diminished value claim. He was hit by an uninsured motorist so his insurance covered the repairs. He took the car to his local Honda dealer. We uncovered improper and unsafe repairs. The dealership hired an Attorney to dispute our claim. The dealership paid our fee, paid the customers car off, and he received $7000.00. It did not cost him a dime and now he has a new Honda from a different dealership.

A 1993 Nissan Pathfinder had sustained damages in an accident and was originally offered $800.00 in diminished value. With our help and our report they received $1090 plus $150 in loss of use.

A 2012 NC registered Hyundai Sonata was involved in an accident in SC just 4 weeks after purchase. The customer called us prior to repair. We monitored the repair process at a shop in charlotte for her at no cost. Once repairs were complete she filed for DV she was offered $2000.00. Within two weeks of filing our report and with our guidance, she was finally offered and accepted $3000.00

A 2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse owner had sustained $1800.00 in damages from a Nationwide driver. His diminished value claim was originally denied and with our report the owner received $750.00 with in 3 weeks.

A 2009 Toyota Camry sustained $ 8,525.17 in damages. Montgomery insurance a division of Liberty Mutual denied the first claim. Then after we were hired and presented our report, they hired an out of state firm not licensed in NC and offered $1000.00. She received $4000.00 in diminished value which was almost 50% of her damages.

A 2006 Buick Lacerne owner was a Nationwide insured driver and was hit by other Nationwide drivers two different times within three years. She had her repairs completed at a Nationwide Blue Ribbon Shop. The owner brought in her vehicle for inspection and we found $2700.00 in incomplete and improper repairs. Nationwide finally offered her $500. She was offered $3000.00 ($300 more than what we originally asked for).

A 2006 Jeep Commander owner had been convinced by Geico to take his vehicle to their recommended shop. He wanted to recover diminished value, so we inspected his vehicle and found incomplete and faulty repairs. With our report, he was able to get all the repair issues addressed and received $2000.00 in diminished value, which was 4 times Geico's original offer.

A 2005 Toyota 4Runner 4x4 Limited had sustained $7,881.29 in damages. We found bad repairs and the owner settled for $4000.00 in diminished value with our report.

A 2007 Acura MDX sustained $16,000.00 in damages.  Selective Insurance offered her $2,500 originally. With my report and assistance they offered $4000.00 within 2 days of receiving my independent appraisal and discussion of my opinion.

 A 2011 Chevy Traverse sustained $3,500 in damages and the owner received $700 in Diminished Value after their original DV claim had been denied. See their story under our Testimonials Tab. 

We had a customer From Dunn, NC take his 2012 Ford Focus to Cotton's Body Shop, a Nationwide Direct Repair Blue Ribbon Shop. He came to us for a diminished value claim. We found such bad repairs and bad welding- that rust had started just 3 days after he picked up the car! The rear panel was so poorly welded it almost fell off when we took the rear bumper cover off.  The shop also committed fraud by being paid for work it did not complete. Within 24 hours of Nationwide's re-inspection, Cotton's Body shop was forced to buy the car at full retail value prior to the accident.


A 2008 Honda Civic sustained over $10,000 in damages and the owner’s initial insurance offer was $1000 in Diminished Value. With CSC's report and an attorney's assistance their 2nd offer was $4,000

A 2008 Mercedes Benz sustained $5,600 in damages and the owner received $2175 in Diminished Value after CSC's report and help. Their original DV claim had been denied.  

A Total loss Assessment on a 2006 Audi for Attorney Brian DeBruns' client found that the insurance company owed their client an additional $800 more. See their story under our Testimonials Tab.

2005 Nissan Altima SL: After Body Shop refused to fix his bad repairs, we inspected his vehicle and got over $3,000 in re-repairs covered by his insurance company with CSC's report detailing the improper repairs.   See his story under our Testimonials Tab.

2008 Honda Odyssey: After $15,000 worth of repairs, CSC found the car unsafe with the frame still off by 8mm on the impact side with many bad repairs. Settlement Pending

2006 Ford Explorer: After $10,000 worth of repairs, CSC declared the vehicle unsafe and found many open exposed welds along with poor workmanship on a lot of their repairs. Settlement Pending

300 Chrysler:  After $25,000 worth of repairs, CSC inspected and deemed that the vehicle was unsafe to operate. The vehicle was totaled as a result of our inspection and the owner received full price for their vehicle.

A Total loss Assessment on a 2007 Toyota Camry LE for Attorney T.J. Solomon's client found that the insurance company owed their client an additional $1,200.

2010 Chevy HHR LT sustained $3939.74 in damages and the owner received a check for $1,200 in Diminished Value after 5 working days of CSC’s DV Report being sent to their insurance company. Their check was for the exact amount that CSC appraised their vehicle to have lossed in value. See their story under our Testimonials Tab. 

A 2010 Mazda Van sustained $7400.00 in damages. After her initial claim to Allstate for diminished value was denied, the owner came to us. After a 15 minute consultation and a diminished value evaluation, two weeks later, the owner received a check for $2350.00. This was actually $100.00 more than the owner had asked for on their claim.  See their story under our Testimonials Tab. 

A 2007 Toyota Corolla sustained $6,102.68 in damages and the owner received a check for $1,600 in Diminished Value in 2 weeks. Elco originally denied the DV claim and then offered the owner $300. The DV Report along with a copy of the General Statue was sent to their insurance company and they approved the owner's claim for $1600. 

A 2010 Mazda CX-9 sustained $4715.00 in damages. After her initial claim to Allstate was denied, she came to us. After a 15 min consultation and a diminished value evaluation, two weeks later the owner received a check for $2350.00, which was actually $100.00 more the owner asked for.  See their story under our Testimonials Tab. 

A 2009 Pontiac Vibe had an Attorney for personal injury but was referred to us by Campbell and Associates. The owner had $6800.00 in cosmetic damages and the owner received $1200.00 for diminished value. 

Robert Reeves, an Attorney from SC was an at fault driver. His insurance company offered him $4200.00 for his pristine 1997 Mercedes but with CSC's appraisal, he received $8500.00 and was also reimbursed for all towing charges and storage fees. See their story under our Testimonials Tab. 

A 2006 Mazda M3 came in for routine Diminished Value inspection, during our inspection we found $7600.00 in faulty repairs and the owner's car was declared a total loss. She received almost $14,000. In addition to that, they paid all rental car, tow charges, and storage fees also.

 A 2004 Dodge truck with high miles was originally offered $300.00 in diminished value but with CSC's appraisal, he received $750.00 for use of aftermarket parts.   

A Mazda 6 I Sport with $2700.00 in repairs had prior wreck history and poor repairs. The owner received $750.00 in diminished value within 3 weeks.

 A 2009 Dodge Journey owner was hit by a Met Life Driver. She was recommended to their direct repair shop. She was given an estimate of $6500.00 to repair. Convinced her car was a total loss; Lori at Attorney Brian deBrun’s office referred her to us. We towed her vehicle to Pack Brother's and within 24 hours of CSC's inspection, her car was declared a Total Loss. The owner received more than the NADA clean book value for her vehicle and they also paid her fees, towing and storage.   See their story under our Testimonials Tab. 

A 2008 Honda Accord LX owner had $6,727.19 in damages and the owner received $2500.00 in diminished value with our report and assistance.